Step 1.  Select the area you wish to place Wonderwal. Measure and purchase the correct amount of Wonderwal.

Step 2. Our Wonderwal comes in clear packaging with an easy to carry handle.

Step 3. Ensure you have the correct amount of Wonderwal for the area you wish to cover.

Step 4. Take the Wonderwal out of the packaging and ensure you place the plastic bag into your bin.

Step 5. Start by placing the Wonderwal in the corner of the area you wish to cover and either nail, screw or cable-tie each piece in place. 

Step 6. You can connect our Wonderwal panels together using the guides provided.

Step 7. Wonderwal panels are easy to cut using scissors for placing around complicated areas.

Step 8. Stand back and review if you need to adjust your Wonderwal layout.

Step 9. Your Wonderwal layout should be complete so you can sit back, relax and enjoy.